The deadlines for paying your tax bill are usually:

Pay by bank transfer

You need to visit your bank’s website, app or branch and use HMRC’s banking details to pay by bank transfer.

How long it takes

The back of your payslip, sent to you by HMRC, tells you which account to use. If you’re not sure, use Cumbernauld.


HMRC’s bank details

Account Name HMRC Cumbernauld 

Account Number 12001039

Sort Code 08-32-10

Payment Reference UTR Number followed by a 'K'

Your payment reference

You’ll need to use your 11-character payment reference when you pay. This is your 10-digit Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) followed by the letter ‘K’.

Where to find your unique taxpayer reference

You can find the reference on your paying-in slip, if you get paper statements.


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